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The new “Lucas Hair”

The last two days have been, in a word, FULL. 

Lucas is feeling really tired, is pretty fussy, and having trouble walking. So although he is leaving the room on a daily basis, it is for limited amounts of time and then he wants to go back to bed.  He is crying a lot and we had to give him his first doses of pain medications on Tuesday.  This now has progressed to where he will be on a PCA drip beginning tonight.  Hopefully this will provide him the continuous relief he needs so that he can perk up!

He started losing his hair on Wednesday.  Thursday morning it was all over his pillow, making him itchy and getting in his eyes and so we decided to give him a head shave.  This is a common practice among parents and children and the floor has clippers.  We were SO lucky because the music therapist stepped in right as we were going to begin and sang to Lucas the whole time.  It was in a word:  AWESOME!

We have been preparing for this with Lucas by telling him he was going to have hair just like Caillou.  Caillou is a cartoon that was introduced to him by his sweet friend Callie Carver.  Today after he got his hair cut, I showed him he and Caillou in the mirror and he said, “But Mommy, Caillou has no hair!”  Then he proceeded to ask me if Daddy was going to have no hair?  Ut oh! 

Lucas has been earning stars for doing mouth care and so he got a set of binoculars for his good work!  He loves them and was looking out of his hospital window with them.  He saw a woman on the phone and told me, “Mommy, that girl is mad!”  Pretty entertaining…  I wonder what else he will see ;)

Tia Kelly left yesterday.  I was so thankful to have the company of one of my “besties.”  She cooked, cleaned, watched Liam, and kept us company.  It was so wonderful of her to spend some of her Spring Break with us.  We are lucky to have such an amazing friend. 

Lucas got to meet his “Best Buddy” Maureen last week.  She was so sweet! I really enjoyed talking to her.  She brought Lucas and Liam each a gift which was so thoughtful.  Liam is very attached to his balloon!  We are looking forward to getting to know her better.

Lucas has gotten a few packages in the last week or so from family and friends.  Such thoughtful sweet gifts and words!  Jon and “Dininna” – we looooove the dress-up doll and play with him every day!  Tia Lisy – thank you for the big pad and Thomas mega blocks, agai\n he loves them. 

Lucas has also started receiving cards from our Reddit friends.  Thank you Cutie Judy, Kristen, Paul, and Pookie85.  Your cards have brought big smiles to his face.  Kristen:  The cars you sent saved the day!  He “earned them” for taking medicine.  THANK YOU!

There is a lot going on in Lucas’ little body right now so please keep him in your prayers!