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Home Sweet Home

We made it!  It takes us 10 hours, no matter how we do it, but we made it.  Luis drove one car with all of the “stuff” and I drove with the boys.  They were really good on the drive, I am still not sure how I got so lucky?  Liam slept for quite a bit and Lucas kept himself entertained, reading books, watching movies, and playing with the Ipad. 

When we got home, the boys ran around the house from 8:00PM to 11:00PM in pure bliss.  They were rediscovering their rooms and toys.  We allowed them to make a mess, and play with one another until they were ready to drop. 

Being here brings a lot of emotion.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to be here in this house with both boys.  There have been two times in Lucas’ life when I looked at his bedroom and wondered if I would get to bring him back to it, and thankfully both times the answer has been, “YES!”   

Being back in Jacksonville is a big milestone in Lucas’ road to recovery.  His journey is not over yet, and we are constantly reminded about the precarious state of health he is in and the need for our vigilance to continue.  We hope that we can continue to keep Lucas safe and well and that he will continue to make positive progress.

For now though, in this moment we are thankful.  Thankful to friends, family, strangers, Duke University Medical Center doctors and nurses, that we have made it to this place in Lucas’ recovery.  I had no idea what this might be like, in some ways it was scarier than I imagined and in some ways it was nicer.  Tonight, on Day +139, as I sit here and type I just feel lucky, really, really, lucky.  <3